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Urbandrifting is a mash up of two former projects. Both projects were developed out of a research on our built environement and focuses on two objects: a specific object that we need in daily life - the chair. The performers present in a walking tour several situations . The chair is an object we know. In a “sculptural dialogue” between performers and chair it turns into an abstract form and bodies and chair take on different shapes – sculptural moments. The contradictory use of the chair allows a new differentiated perception of our behaviour- and movement habits.


And a plank that can be the element or part of a wall or of a floor or of a ceiling. It is used separatedly as a single element and connects with walls and ceilings found in the city. The human being that uses it, establishes individual relationships and merges with or opposes its built surroundings.


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 P R E S S  R E V I E W

Im Rahmen von Spaziergängen in der Umgebung des  Westbahnhofs stellte das Tanzquartier Willi Dorners aufsehenerregendes Projekt „fitting“ vor. Zu einem architektonischen Konzept Gabu Heindls durchleuchtet Dorner in seiner Choreographie das Verhältnis von Großstadtarchitektur zum Menschen, der sich dem Raum zunehmend anpassen muss. Spektakulär kleben die Performer an Hauswänden, balancieren über Haustoren. In einem Hof bauen sie schließlich aus Brettern und Stühlen ein fiktives Wohnhaus und wiederum sind es Grenzen, die durch Kreativität bezwungen werden.“  Silvia Kargl , KURIER


It was the internet craze that saw people all over the world trying to outdo their online rivals by lying down 'like a plank' in the most unusual places. But a performance artist has taken 'planking' to the next, and more literal, level by planking... with a plank. “  Daily Mail