An audio walk for the visitors of the Museum Susch.

The unique architectonic design of Muzeum Susch inspired us to visit it with a blind person.We invited Mr Erich Schmid who is blind from birth and asked him to walk through the building in order to record him when describing how he does it. We got interested how he dealt with the given architecture and how he perceived all its different spaces. Instead of creating a pedagogic instruction of “how to visit the museum when blind” for people who can see, we wanted to enter into, and to understand the mindset of a blind person. Within this experiment we faced few surprises.We wonder if you’ll share them as well? 


Yet again, for Erich the environment is mainly a sound. He is very fast with hearing (and with that “reading”) the rooms as he’s not distracted by their visual details. He can’t see the stones of the vault, he can only hear a vault - it differs in volume and quality of sound to other vaults he has heard before. Sometimes he makes a guess on material the walls are made of, and of course - sometimes he also fails. And he brings to attention details we would most probably never notice, as he needs them to memorize the way, and to find his orientation in space