B O D I E S  I N  U R B A N  S P A C E S - T h e  B O O K

HATJE CANTZ, 2014, german/english, 160 pages, 345 illustrations and photos, hard cover, ISBN 978-3-7757-3847-7

With Texts by Willi Dorner and Franz Thalmair,
a conversation between Andrea Amort, Willi Dorner and Rainer Hofmann,
photographs by Lisa Rastl  graphic design by Beatrix Bakondy


Since its premiere in 2007, Willi Dorner's imaginative art project bodies in urban spaces invited to more than 90 exciting walks through urban landscapes. At pre-determined parcours, carefully choreographed by Dorner, a squad of dedicated dancers, performers and parkour runners moves through city centers. Up to 20 colorfully dressed people fold and stack up in doorways, on stair landings or park benches. As bizarre body sculptures they open strange perspectives and give the residents a surprisingly different city experience. The temporary interventions confront with irritating uses of public space.


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