Above and under the Rainbow

The project is a cooperation between „Querkraft“ - architects and Willi Dorner / Lisa Rastl.

On a pastoral slope, overlooking the Hanö Bay, a new piece of art has slipped in into the sculpture park Kivik Art Centre. It’s a mixture of skilled engineering and dreams – a rainbow of light grey metal. With a span of 15 meters it stretches through the surrounding nature an beco­mes an example of what querkraft themselves call “Poetic Pragmatism”. With its slender construction you can still climb on it and slide down its slope, and it will be resilient to weather and wind for many, many years. If you stand on top of it you will have a view of the world. If you hide underneath it you will be protected from the rain and have a secret place for your dreams.


As an addition to Rainbow, the performance artist Willi Dorner and photographer Lisa Rastl have created a series of photos where people interact with the sculpture. The performers bring the object to life. Human bodies become extensions of the artwork and will hopefully inspire the visitors to get into closer contact with Rainbow themselves.


The photo performance was held on June 11-12 2022 and makes an integrated part of the artwork.